20160915_175206Breaking the speed limit sometimes results in a speeding ticket.

But, what if you’re pushing other limits in life, especially time and energy limits?  You know…taking on a little more than you really can handle, which tends to decrease rest and increase stress.

“Excuse me, ma’am.  Did you know you are only getting about 5 hours of sleep per night?”  Or, “Can you explain why it is you just said ‘yes’ to yet another project?”

You won’t hear this from a police officer (unless, of course, you happen to be married to one).  But, one sign that you may be pushing your limits and need to slow it down is that your friends and loved ones let you know in various ways that they are concerned about you or miss spending time with you.

Another sign that you need to slow it down is that you’re tired—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  And, I don’t mean the kind of tired that one good night’s sleep will fix.  I’m talking about the kind of tired that leaves you feeling like something’s got to give.

A third sign that you need to slow it down is that you’re not having fun anymore, or you’ve begun questioning whether or not it’s all worth it.  Sometimes the answer is yes, it is all worth it, especially if you’re pushing toward an important goal that is in yours and your family’s best interest.  But, if the answer is no, it is not worth it, then it might be time to reprioritize how you spend your time and energy.

Are you pushing your limits a little too far?  If so, what might you gain from reprioritizing how you spend your time and energy?  Feel free to share your comments below.

For now, we’re finding hope to build on by simply taking time out to notice if we’re pushing our limits.  Next blog, I’ll talk about next steps we can take to “slow it down.”


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