3 Re’s for Parents: Reset, Relate, and Resolve

The 3 Re’s of Relationships is a simple model I developed over time to help myself and my counseling clients work through difficult times with our children.  The 3 Re’s are Reset, Relate, and Resolve: Reset When we’re upset with our children or simply don't understand their viewpoint, parents, we should put ourselves in “time-out.” [...]

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Trash Pickup and Healthy Family Relationships

Question: What do curbside trash pickup and building healthy family relationships have in common? Answer: Just like we haul our unusable items to the curb for disposal, we can and should get rid of useless, unhealthy family dynamics and relationship habits that clutter up our home life. Bulky item pickup It’s bulky item pickup time [...]

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When a Table is More Than Just a Table

A table is just a table when it does its normally expected duty—holding our food, our work, our crafts, our homework, our stacks of opened and unopened mail, etc.  In these ways, a table is an important supporter of our daily activities. More than just a table A table is more than “just a table” [...]

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Take a Worry Break Because You Can

Worry can be really frustrating.  We want to “let it go,” but somehow our worries seemingly won’t let us go.  Thus, worry wins out, and in doing so, steadily becomes the boss of us rather than us being the boss of it. Take a worry break The world is full of great anxiety, or worry [...]

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Home Life Inspection Quiz is Fast and Free

You want to improve your home life, but where do you start?  Try this...take the Home Life Inspection Quiz.  It's a fast and free way of inspecting your family relationships in 12 key areas of home life.  Then, use your inspection results to begin planning the changes you'd like to make.  Share your inspection results [...]

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Dad What’s In Your Toolbox

Dad, it’s Father’s Day!  On this special occasion (and year-around), you deserve to hear how important and great you are because you’re both—important and great.  We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for you! But, I want to do more than sing your praises.  In this short post, I invite you to [...]

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Before and After Renovating Your Family Relationships

Before home renovations, your home looks like it always did—a little dated here, a little worn out there.  After home renovations, your home looks like a magazine, feels like dream, and smells like a breath of fresh air. As families, we experience a similar newness and satisfaction with our family renovations.  Before working on our [...]

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Tools That Will Improve Your Family Now and Forever

Tools make a difference in any job we do.  Take laundry for example.  I’m all for air drying clothes, but I got to tell you…I am grateful for my electric washer and dryer.  And, my computer, pencils, pencil sharpener, cell phone…same, I’m grateful for all of those tools!  Oh, and shovels, saws, rakes, hammers, screwdrivers, [...]

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Summer Reading List: The DIY Family Book

Summer is a great time to read!  By the pool.  By the lake.  At the beach.  In a hammock.  With an ice cold lemonade and your favorite sweet-n-salty snacks close by. Summer reading that’s right for you Are you feeling it?!  Your summer happy places with your summer happy snacks!  Now all you need is [...]

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