Who are your role models? Who naturally comes to mind when I ask you that question? You don’t have to name all your role models. Notice the few who come to mind the easiest. How did or do these people positively influence you?

Why reflect on role models?

Reflecting on your role models might encourage and inspire you. Perhaps it’s a role model from long ago; you may enjoy recalling how their positive influence motivated you to overcome challenges. Or, it may be a recent or current role model; their example helps keep you on track with whatever goals you’re working toward.

How are you a role model?

Next, consider how you may be a role model. Wow, isn’t that a humbling and encouraging thought! In what ways do you positively model for others how to overcome challenges or accomplish goals? Reflect on this as well, as this, too, may be an encouragement to you (to think how it is you’re making a difference in someone’s life). Of course, you may not be “trying” to make a difference. However, your model may encourage others or serve as an important source of guidance in their lives.


In closing, I encourage you to reflect on your role models and consider how you, too, may be a role model. Fortunately, we can be encouraged simply by taking a little time to reflect. We’re all so busy so much of the time, and so this bit of reflection may be a nice source of inspiration for you today.

More to come

Finally, I may blog more about role models at a later date. I present on the topic a couple times this fall. One of these presentations is for the Central Virginia Counselor Development Symposium, which is hosted by the Department of Counselor Education and Family Studies at Liberty University. The second presentation is for the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of North Carolina. If you attended one of these conferences and heard my presentation, thank you!

Thanks for reading!