counseling, consulting & writing services

Being a counselor is a blessing and privilege, and I love it! Unfortunately, with my various responsibilities, I am not currently taking clients. You may want to look into doing a free consultation through Focus on the Family. CLICK HERE for more information about that option. Or, you may want to research your area listings for professional counselors who match with your particular interests and needs. The main thing is, don’t give up on counseling as an option. Counseling helps!

Master’s degree in Counseling from Wake Forest University (1998); PhD in Counseling and Counselor Education from UNC Greensboro (2009); Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in North Carolina since 2000; and Licensed Supervisor since 2012.

I love consulting with individuals and groups to develop and improve programs and projects. I also partner with people on a wide range of writing projects. Among some of my collaborations are: co-authoring two books with NY Times bestselling author, Dr. Gary Chapman; writing some of the 5 Love Languages quizzes; writing the “RQ Assessment,” an online quiz in support of Dr. Dharius Daniels’ Relational Intelligence book; and consulting with author Tommy Brown on the development of his Seven Money Types Assessment.

Interested in collaborating on a consulting and/or writing project? INQUIRE HERE.

I am very open about my Christian faith, and I work with people of all faiths. Sometimes we talk about faith, sometimes we don’t; but, no matter whether we’re counseling or working together on a project, I’m comfortable with me being me and you being you!