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Co-author with @DrGaryChapman (the 5 love languages guy). Teacher @WakeForest. Counselor @TriadBaptist. Wife, mom of 3, daughter, sister, friend. Writer. Encourager. Dreamer behind Repurposed Life Ministries, Inc. Peace-loving. Jesus-seeking. I hope you'll subscribe to receive Hope to Build On by email each time I post a new entry. Thanks for reading! Shannon

Relation-Shop: A Place to Workshop Your Relationships

In the Relation-Shop with Dr. Shannon Warden...each episode, I'm asking you: Which relationships are you "workshopping" right now? How can I help you with that?! “In the Relation-Shop with Dr. Shannon Warden”…that’s the name of my new series and latest counseling resource.  I just finished the first four episodes via Facebook Live and [...]

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Trust yourself more: “Light a match”

Trusting yourself will mean facing and replacing your self-doubts. You can do it! Trust yourself more.  That’s what I’m about to do.  No, change that.  I’ve already started trusting myself more, and I’m excited to see in 2019 what happens when I believe in myself more fully.  How about you?! I invite you to think [...]

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Susie: A story of faith and family

Susie Spurgeon was an amazing woman of faith, wife, Mom, author, and more. We can learn a lot from her! Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon (Rhodes, 2018) deserves to make your reading list for at least two reasons.  First, it’s a fascinating historical account of a mighty woman of faith [...]

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Treasure, that is what a Good Dad is

This is my family’s first Father’s Day without my Dad.  He died one week after Father’s Day 2017, from complications related to Lewy Body Dementia.  It was heartbreaking to watch him go.  Yet, we’re doing what you do when you grieve the loss of someone you love—we’re remembering and celebrating the treasure that he was [...]

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