Jesus, Best Gift Ever

Jesus is the best gift ever. Period. That's what's on my mind this Christmas. I hope wherever you are in your relationship with God, this short post may be an encouragement to you. What's so great about Jesus? One of many important differences in Christianity and other world religions is that the birth of Jesus [...]

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Who are your role models?

Who are your role models? Who naturally comes to mind when I ask you that question? You don’t have to name all your role models. Notice the few who come to mind the easiest. How did or do these people positively influence you? Why reflect on role models? Reflecting on your role models might encourage and [...]

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For the fun of it

Writing and creating are some of my top passions, or things I do for fun. I've been writing and creating since second grade. How about you? What do you love to do? What's fun about this activity that you love? I ask about fun because I think so many of us lose focus and stop [...]

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2020 vision not so much

2020 vision is both a medical term and a metaphor often used in fundraising types of campaigns for the last 20 or so years. After the 2020 we all had, I’m now thinking of “2020 vision” with more clarity than before. Only God knows What 2020 clearly confirmed anew for me is—only God knows the [...]

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Tired Enough to Change

Tired enough to change. You’ve likely experienced that before. Perhaps, as a super simple example, you tired of the service at a store or restaurant. You decided, “that’s it! I’m not going back.” Or, perhaps, at a more serious level, a relationship was more hurtful than helpful. You tried to salvage the relationship, but it [...]

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