Worry can be really frustrating.  We want to “let it go,” but somehow our worries seemingly won’t let us go.  Thus, worry wins out, and in doing so, steadily becomes the boss of us rather than us being the boss of it.

Take a worry break

The world is full of great anxiety, or worry management strategies.  So, I’m not “re-inventing the wheel” here.  I’m simply offering a creative spin and hopefully one that encourages and empowers you and me to be the boss of our worry.  Here goes…

What if you and I take a worry break?!  That is, what if we decide that for maybe 30 minutes per day (during awake hours), that we declare, “I’m taking a worry break for these 30 minutes.”  Can you imagine 30 minutes of worry-free time?!  Believe me, it feels great!  And, truthfully, you’ve experienced worry-free time yourself.  It may just be that you need this current reminder to help you break free from your current worries.

What do you do on a worry break

You can fill your worry-free time with all sorts of healthy activities, as many activities help distract us or take our minds off whatever it is that worries us.  For example, you can take a walk, read, pray, call a friend, plan a vacation, join an exercise class or quilting class, etc.  Personally, organizing my purse or closet are great healthy distractions for me.  And, as a bonus, organizing and other healthy activities tend to have multiple benefits, so taking a worry break not only puts us back in control of worry but also helps us accomplish other important goals.

When a worry break may not be enough

I’m not saying that taking a worry break is “the” one and only great anxiety, or worry management strategy out there; it’s one of many.  Sometimes, though, you need to talk with a professional counselor, visit with your medical doctor or psychiatrist, and/or implement several worry management strategies to best cope with your worries.  I am, though, encouraging you to take a worry break, as often as you can, and as part of your overall wellness and self-care.

In summary

What do you do about worry?  Among other healthy coping strategies, try these three steps:

  1. Take a worry break (be intentional about it)
  2. Do something productive (unhealthy worry is not productive)
  3. Repeat

I don’t know about you, but I need to go clean my purse and my closet.  I’m not kidding!

Let me know what you do to take a worry break!

Your fellow worrier and taker of worry breaks,


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Take a Worry Break by Dr. Shannon Warden

Take a worry break! Be the boss of your worry!