You want to improve your home life, but where do you start?  Try this…take the Home Life Inspection Quiz.  It’s a fast and free way of inspecting your family relationships in 12 key areas of home life.  Then, use your inspection results to begin planning the changes you’d like to make.  Share your inspection results and plans with your family so that they, too, can give input and prepare to go “all in” together with you to build the home life you’re dreaming of!

Home life improvement with the #DIYFamilyBook

Mine and Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The DIY Guide to Building a Family That Lasts will also help you and your family.  Get a copy today on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, at Sam’s Club, or anyhere books are sold.  In the book, you’ll find lots of practical relationship tools and suggestions for working on your family relationships.  Plus, we’ve written it as a fun take on the home improvement metaphor, and so we hope you’ll even have a little fun while you read and work toward relationship “big reveals.”

Share your progress with us

Let us know on social media under #DIYFamilyBook how your sweat equity is paying off!  Also, please rate the book at Amazon and elsewhere, as this is also a super helpful way of helping us get the word out about the book!

God bless you and your family!

Your DIY Coach and Fellow DIY’er,


click here to take the Home Life Inspection Quiz

click here to take the Home Life Inspection Quiz

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