Tools make a difference in any job we do.  Take laundry for example.  I’m all for air drying clothes, but I got to tell you…I am grateful for my electric washer and dryer.  And, my computer, pencils, pencil sharpener, cell phone…same, I’m grateful for all of those tools!  Oh, and shovels, saws, rakes, hammers, screwdrivers, matches, pots, pans…you get my point!  All very important tools!

Tools you need to help your family

The tools that my co-author Dr. Gary Chapman and I talk about in The DIY Guide to Building a Family That Lasts are not tangible tools, but they do produce visible results.  Here are the chapter topics:

  • Building Kindness
  • Increasing Gratitude
  • Cultivating Love
  • Seeking Compromise
  • Choosing Forgiveness
  • Improving Communication
  • Enhancing Trust
  • Developing Compassion
  • Increasing Patience
  • Getting Organized
  • Creating Fun
  • Building Connection

These are all relationship-building tools in themselves, but in each chapter, Gary and I share several additional tools that help you and your family build kindness, increase gratitude, cultivate love, etc.  We wanted to encourage and equip you to build (and maintain) the home life you’re dreaming of, so we filled the book with practical and fun tools.  Of course, you will be the final say, but we truly believe the DIY Family Book will be well worth your investment.

Tools for all types of challenges

The many helpful relationship tools that we share will help you deal with normal, everyday types of relationship challenges that families face.  For example, as families, we commonly disagree, snap at each other, ignore one another, and let each other down.  The DIY Family Book will also help you with more difficult family challenges as well—challenges that may either lead us to bond together as a team or divide us such that we feel like we’re on opposing teams.  Families cannot afford to be on opposing sides; we’ve got to figure out how to become better teammates!

Improving your family now and forever

Gary and I together have worked with thousands of couples, parents, and families over the years.  And so, we’ve helped people make all types of home life improvements using the tools with which we’ve filled the DIY Family Book.  These tools not only work in theory; they work in practice!  Furthermore, these relationship-building, relationship-healing tools can help you and your family improve your home life now, and they can help you and them for years to come.  The more we as families change our old ways and lock in new-and-improved ways of being with each other, the more those new ways become our norm!

Preparing your children for their future relationships

The sooner you make the changes you want and need to make in your home life, the better!  Your children aren’t getting any younger, and you’re not getting any younger.  Now is the time!  Your children need to see you continually improving your relationship skills, and they need practice themselves right now at building healthy, lasting relationships.  Their relationship-building skills and training will go with them for a long while, including into their own families one day.  So, work on it, ok!  Work on your home life!  Don’t delay!  And, this holds true whatever your family’s ages and stages because we can always work to improve our family’s ways of interacting with each other.

Thank you

Thanks in advance for considering buying a copy of the DIY Family Book.  We believe you’ll benefit from reading it and applying the tools within.  And, we’re excited to hear about your home life victories both now and in the future!

Your DIY coach and fellow DIY’er,


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Tools that will help your family now and forever

Tools that will help your family now and forever, in the #DIYFamilyBook