Summer is a great time to read!  By the pool.  By the lake.  At the beach.  In a hammock.  With an ice cold lemonade and your favorite sweet-n-salty snacks close by.

Summer reading that’s right for you

Are you feeling it?!  Your summer happy places with your summer happy snacks!  Now all you need is a great book.  A book that’s interesting to read.  One that you don’t want to put down because it makes you feel like you really have a shot at making real change in your life!  One that didn’t break your bank.  And, wait, there’s more!  It is really pretty and fits nicely into your summer tote!

My personal invitation to you

As you’re making your summer reading list, I’d love it if you’d consider buying mine and Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The DIY Guide to Building a Family That Lasts.  It really is all the things I just described.  Plus, Gary and I love helping families improve their home life.  We loved writing this book for you.  And, I’m here, boldly blogging to you a heartfelt invitation to buy a copy for your summer reading.

More than summer reading

Beyond just this summer, I’m hopeful you’ll find this book to be worthy of returning to any time your family is dealing with a particular issue.  Gary and I have covered several common challenges that families face.  With each challenge, we provide you with several, practical tools to help you navigate through that challenge.  It was also important to us to have fun writing this book because we felt like, if we had fun writing it, you’d have fun reading it.  To pull this off, we wrote The DIY Guide to Building a Family That Lasts based on the home improvement metaphor.  So, imagine your favorite home improvement television shows; now think about those same concepts applied to your home life.  It really is a fun, relatable way of thinking about and working on family relationships.

Tell your friends

If you like this book (I’m praying you do), please let your friends know.  Tell them what you like about it.  Perhaps they, too, could use some encouragement, new ideas, and practical tools for improving their home life.  Or maybe their family is great as is, but you know they, like you and me, need to be thinking about home life maintenance.  That’s another important theme in the DIY Family Book—maintenance.  Just like our homes need regular upkeep, our family relationships also need upkeep.  So, whether there’s a problem or you just want to encourage your friends, share the book!  Please and thank you!!

Tell us and the world

I’ve got to tell you…writing a book is a risk.  You’re putting your thoughts and your heart into something, believing that it’s good and helpful.  But, you don’t know what readers will think.  Gary and I hope you love the DIY Family Book, and we want to know through social media if you do.  But, we’re open, too, to your constructive feedback.  In fact, we welcome community with you either way, with positive and/or constructive feedback.  We just want to be part of your home life renovation team!  That’s why we wrote the book, with you in mind and in hopes that we could help you long-term, build the home life you’re dreaming of.  So, look us up on social media, ok!  Plus, write a review on Amazon and other bookstores’ websites.  Thank you in advance for helping us in this way!

We’re excited to hear about your home life victories!

Your DIY coach and fellow DIY’er,


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The DIY Guide to Building a Family That Lasts

Add “The DIY Guide to Building a Family That Lasts” to your summer reading list!