Most couples and families I work with want a “big reveal” in their relationships similar to the big reveals on popular home improvement television shows.  Those big reveals are of beautifully renovated homes.  As couples and families, our big reveals are more kindness, increased gratitude, improved communication, more loving expressions of affection, less anger, more forgiveness etc.

What improvements do you want to make at home?

But let’s talk about you specifically.  What is it you want to work on with your spouse or significant other?  What about with your children?  Little changes?  Big changes?

We wrote The DIY Family book for you!

Dr. Gary Chapman and I were thinking about you when we were planning and writing our new book.  The book is called The DIY Guide to Building a Family That Lasts.  In it, we cover 12 “home improvement” tools, or relationship-building tools, that we believe you need to accomplish the big reveals you’re looking for in your home life.  And, we do this all through a fun, relatable play on the home improvement metaphor.

More than just fun and relatable though, the book is written in a really smart and practical way (yes I’m biased, but it is).  We know you’re super busy, and so we tried to get to the point quickly in “real people” kinds of ways.  Hopefully you’ll see and feel our experience and our love for you coming through loud and clear!

Our credentials

About our experiences…I’ve been a licensed professional counselor for 20+ years and have counseled hundreds of couples and families.  Dr. Chapman is a world-renowned marriage and family expert and NY Times Bestselling Author of The Five Love Languages.  We know some things about successful relationships, and we want to share our tools and insights with you!  And, even more, we simply love to encourage couples and families, and we want you to thrive in your home life.  That is, we want you to accomplish the home life improvement goals you are dreaming of for your family.

You are the main character

To help you get motivated and get moving on your “home improvement” goals, we’ve poured a ton of love, and fun, and ideas into this book.  Yet, it’ll only be one more book on your shelf if you don’t get in there and DIY.  You are the main character in the book…the DIY’er for whom we wrote The DIY Guide to Building a Family That Lasts, or on social media the #DIYFamilyBook.  We cheer you on chapter by chapter as you take the lead in making the changes you want to make in your relationships.  You can do this!  We believe in you!

Get your copy and get to work

Dr. Chapman and I can’t come to your house to do your relationship home improvements for you.  But we’ve done the next best thing…we wrote this book for YOU!  Whether you’re working on small relationship improvements or larger ones, try out the ideas we’ve packed in this book.  Then, let us know on social media how yours and your family’s sweat equity is paying off.  We’re hopeful, that together, you will accomplish the big reveals you’re working toward!

Thanks for reading!

Your fellow DIY’er and DIY coach,


The DIY Guide to Building A Family That Lasts

The DIY Guide to Building A Family That Lasts, available now wherever books are sold

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