The DIY Guide to Building a Family That Lasts

Most couples and families I work with want a “big reveal” in their relationships similar to the big reveals on popular home improvement television shows.  Those big reveals are of beautifully renovated homes.  As couples and families, our big reveals are more kindness, increased gratitude, improved communication, more loving expressions of affection, less anger, more [...]

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Treasure, that is what a Good Dad is

This is my family’s first Father’s Day without my Dad.  He died one week after Father’s Day 2017, from complications related to Lewy Body Dementia.  It was heartbreaking to watch him go.  Yet, we’re doing what you do when you grieve the loss of someone you love—we’re remembering and celebrating the treasure that he was [...]

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When Being Busy Leads to Missed Opportunities

Being busy can lead to missed opportunities for encouraging others. I’m often busy...with family, work, ministry, volunteering, etc.  You’re busy, so you know what I mean.  We’re rushing from here to there, trying to keep up with our never-ending to-do lists. Being busy isn’t always bad, but it can sometimes cause problems. How [...]

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