Carrots?  Really, Shannon?  Some of you may be wondering, how in the world am I possibly going to relate carrots to personal growth?

Carrots (c) Can Stock Photo / RenoMark

Carrots work best when we do more than just look at them.

Fair question.  Here’s what I’m thinking…

We know carrots can help improve our vision.  Of course, simply looking at or thinking about these colorful veggies doesn’t do anything for our vision; we have to actually eat them to enjoy their benefits.

Along with eating carrots, we also talk metaphorically about “chasing carrots.”  You know, you have a calling in life–something you’re striving for—and you could say, that’s your “carrot.”

I Can See Clearly Now 

Recently, I was thinking about how much more clearly I’m seeing my calling in life the older I get.  I’m accepting and working to maximize my strengths so that I accomplish the meaningful, purposeful goals I believe God is calling me to fulfill.  And, I have to tell you, gaining clarity, focusing my energy, and chasing after the right carrots is way more fun and inspiring than chasing after less personally fulfilling endeavors.

Not Only Pursuing but Planting Carrots 

Carrots by (c) Can Stock Photo / Subbotina

Chasing and planting carrots can bring you and others joy!

Interestingly, the more fun I have following my calling, I find that I’m not only being smarter about which carrots I’m chasing; I’m also planting more carrots, too.  That is, I’m thinking more clearly about my investment in my children’s lives and how I’m hopefully helping encourage and equip them to follow God’s calling in their lives with joy and conviction.

I’m also thinking about people I teach and counsel.  I want more and more to be an encourager and equipper of their vision for and pursuit of their life’s calling.

What Carrots Are You Chasing?

I don’t so much have a “1-2-3 Here’s How to Chase and Grow Carrots” list for you.  But, my encouragement for you and questions to you in this brief blog post are this:

  • Are you chasing the right carrots in your life, or are you chasing after unfulfilling goals and missing out on opportunities to use your various gifts?
  • Do you find joy in the things you’re doing? If not, what realistic changes could you and would you be willing to make to follow your calling?
  • And, are you investing in others’ lives in meaningful ways that bring both you and them joy?

Pursue Your Calling with Clarity and Conviction 

Perhaps just as eating carrots helps improve our vision, increasing our acceptance of and focus on God’s calling in our lives improves our vision for where our energy is best spent.  And, whether talking about literal or figurative carrots, our vision is improved only when we actually eat our carrots and only when we actively pursue the “carrots” that bring us most joy in life.

I hope for you and me both that we’re clearly seeing and passionately pursuing our calling in life in a way that results in the most joy for us and others.  Our calling will vary because we’re each unique and fulfilling unique purposes in life.  That’s awesome in itself, but equally important is that we don’t have to chase after other people’s calling as if theirs should somehow be ours.  We can and should pursue our own calling with clarity and conviction.

That’s a lot of carrot talk!  Anyone up for carrots for dinner?

Before you go…

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