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Vacuum bags and lightening your load

Ever explore how full and gross a used vacuum bag can be?  Ok, I know.  Why would anybody really do that unless they accidentally vacuumed something they needed to retrieve?  Or maybe someone’s doing this in a vacuum quality control lab somewhere for research purposes? Vacuum bags remind us--we need to lighten our load [...]

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Trudging Through the Mud and Muck of Life

Trudging along in life is more purposeful than we sometimes realize! Trudging through the mud and the muck—that’s sometimes what life feels like, doesn’t it?!  Wish and pray as you might, certain things just aren’t happening or lining up the way you want them to or as fast as you want them to, [...]

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When Being Busy Leads to Missed Opportunities

Being busy can lead to missed opportunities for encouraging others. I’m often busy...with family, work, ministry, volunteering, etc.  You’re busy, so you know what I mean.  We’re rushing from here to there, trying to keep up with our never-ending to-do lists. Being busy isn’t always bad, but it can sometimes cause problems. How [...]

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Life is So Much Better Because of You

Life is so much better because of you! Happy Birthday, Mama!  I’m writing this for you.  And, for the others of you who are reading this, I’m writing to encourage you to think about who has most influenced, most supported, and most loved you.  More specifically, when you think: “Life is so much [...]

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Television Theme Songs! Who Knew?

Television theme songs have a somewhat surprising power about them.  They're "just" theme songs.  Yet, they often have memorable lyrics and melodies, and they remind us of characters and stories that bring us joy and inspire us. Who knew television theme songs could be so encouraging?! Remember these famous television theme songs… Here’s [...]

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Caught in a Hit and Run

Caught in a Hit and Run This story ends well—well, better than a story about a hit and run might normally end.  Let me tell you what happened… It was 6:00 on Friday.  I was on the way to meet Stephen, my husband, for our date night dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  Everything was [...]

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